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Strategic Programme 3 : Investment and Competitiveness

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Improving investment opportunities and competitiveness of animal resources in Africa.


To improve public and private sector investments in animal resources in Africa and enhance the competitiveness of African animal products at the national, regional and global levels.

1. The context

The livestock sector receives a disproportionately low share of the agricultural budget compared to its contribution to GDP. At the AU summit in Sirte in 2009, African leaders reiterated the need to allocate at least 3% of their national budgets to livestock. There is, however, inadequate data to demonstrate quantitatively the role of animal resources in African economies, and to use such data to create broad awareness among policy-makers and investors.

Rapidly growing and changing product markets in the developing world provide real opportunities as well as significant challenges for participation in growing markets. Threats to smallholder farmers arise from the increasing integration and complexity of markets for animal products, including an increasing demand for food quality, safety and convenience. At the producer level, constraints to smallholder production include inability to produce consistent quality products due to lack of access to appropriate technology, lack of inputs and resources, poor access to information and the variability of production conditions.