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Strategic Programme 5 : Knowledge Management

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Improving knowledge management in animal resources to facilitate informed and timely decision-making.


To collate, analyse and make available in a timely manner, reliable and up-to-date data, information and knowledge on animal resources to support planning and decision-making.

1. The context

African agricultural innovation systems are constrained by poor access to knowledge and technologies. In many instances data, information and knowledge from elsewhere have had to be used as proxies in making decisions on Africa. Ironically, a significant amount of data and information on Africa is available from sources located outside the continent. End-users, such as rural smallholders, have even greater difficulty accessing the information and knowledge they require to address their many challenges – from production to markets. Information is required in the right format, at the right time and in the right place. End-users also need support in learning how to adapt new information to their own unique contexts. Information and knowledge of animal production, health, marketing and trade are needed for: influencing policy-making at continental, regional and national levels; making investment decisions; monitoring impact of interventions; capacity building; and day-to-day management by producers and operators along the production to market chain.

A lot of data and information have been generated in AU-IBAR through various projects. These need to be transformed into knowledge and made accessible to clients. The overall aim of this programme is to empower technical personnel in AU-IBAR and African partner institutions, and other end-users seeking to design and facilitate interventions, by ensuring access to information, decision-support tools and by learning about new approaches and technologies. This will be achieved by developing formal mechanisms for collecting and collating information and facilitating their transformation into knowledge products for innovation. Activities in this programme will also seek to strengthen the capacity of stakeholders with regard to learning skills and acquiring experiences needed to up-scale localized successful technologies derived from formal research and livestockproducer innovation across the continent. While the primary focus of this programme will be to enhance access to knowledge by AUIBAR's clients, deliberate efforts will be made to use the knowledge management platform to inculcate internal learning practices, thus helping transform AU-IBAR into a true learning organization. The aim of this will be to improve performance, comparative advantage, innovation and the sharing of lessons learned, and ensure continuous improvement of AU-IBAR's overall functioning as a provider of knowledge.