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The VET-GOV Programme

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(cc) ILRI. Illustrative Photo(cc) ILRI. Illustrative PhotoThe Programme contributes to the overall strategic objective of AU-IBAR, which is "to improve the contribution of livestock to food security and safety, economic growth and wealth creation in Africa." In support of this objective, the VET-GOV Programme is poised to "improve the institutional environment at national and regional levels to provide effective and efficient animal health services in Africa. The strategic focus is on strengthening veterinary services towards (i) the establishment of adequate and affordable veterinary services on the national level; (ii) strengthen regional institutions to play their coordinating, harmonising, supporting and integration roles between their MS in line with the OH concept. This will be done through two intertwined interventions: evidence-based advocacy, and capacity building programmes for policy formulation and implementation.

The Programme is expected to deliver the following results:

  • Result 1: Knowledge and awareness for institutional strengthening enhanced.
  • Result 2: Institutional capacity for livestock policy formulation, animal health strategies and legislation enhanced.
  • Result 3: Institutional capacity for the implementation of policies strengthened.