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Programme Management

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Steering Committee

The Programme is guided by a Programme Steering Committee (PSC) comprising of representatives from the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Secretariat, implementing partners, development actors in the sector and the European Commission. The PSC is chaired by the Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture of the African Union Commission to ensure African ownership of the Programme, and its alignment with the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) process. All implementing partners are represented in the PSC. The PSC meets at least once a year and provides strategic guidance, oversees coherent implementation of the different agreements and monitors the Programme's progress.

Programme Coordinating Unit

The AU-IBAR Programme Coordinating Unit is in charge of the Secretariat of the Programme Steering Committee. AU-IBAR convenes the meetings and prepares draft agenda in consultation with FAO and OIE. It is also in charge of consolidating and channelling reporting to the PSC for all implementing partners/agreements.

Management Committee

A Programme Management Committee (PMC), composed of the three main implementing organisations (AU-IBAR, OIE and FAO) and implementing RECs, ensures that activities implemented under the different agreements are synchronised, sequenced and inter-related for the achievement of the programme objectives. The PMC is chaired on a rotational basis between AU-IBAR, FAO and OIE. The PMC meets at least twice a year and reports to the PSC.

Regional Advisory Committee (RAC)

Regional Advisory Committees (RAC) is organised at the level of each implementing REC. The objective of these governance organs is mainly to ensure consultation and coordination with and among Member States, countries being not systematically involved in the PSC and PMC. The RACs incorporate implementing partners, key stakeholders of the sector, and are chaired by the RECs. They meet at least twice a year.


© EU. FlagThe programme is run through a financing agreement between the European Commission and the ACP Secretariat. For the European Commission, the EU Delegation in Nairobi, Kenya, follows up the implementation of the programme.