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Inauguration of the National Livestock Policy Hub in Sierra Leone

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© 2014 AU-IBAR. The meeting participants group photo.© 2014 AU-IBAR. The meeting participants group photo.A two day meeting to inaugurate the Livestock Policy Hub of Sierra Leone took place during the period 8th-9th April 2014 at Hill Valley Hotel in Freetown. The meeting was supported by AU-IBAR under the Reinforcing Veterinary Governance in Africa (VET-GOV) Programme .It was attended by Members of the Sierra Leone Livestock Policy Hub, representatives of Government Ministries and Agencies, Private Sector, Civil Society, , Farmers groups, Research and Academic institutions and participants from the AU-IBAR (Dr Samuel Muriuki, AU-IBAR/IRCM Coordinator and Dr Mohammed Abdelrazig, Technical Assistant, VET-GOV program).

The meeting was officially opened on behalf of the Hon. Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security (MAFFS), Republic of Sierra Leone by Mr. F. A. R. Sankoh, Chief Agricultural Officer MAFFS.


Egypt inaugurates its national livestock policy hub

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© 2014 AU-IBAR. Meeting Participants.© 2014 AU-IBAR. Meeting Participants.CAIRO, EGYPT - 28th March to 2nd April, 2014. Within the framework of the reinforcing veterinary governance in Africa (VET-GOV) programme the national livestock policy hub of Egypt has been inaugurated. In his introductory remarks, Prof. Dr. Ahmed El-Sawalhy, Director of AU-IBAR and Head of Mission thanked the Government of Egypt for accepting AU-IBAR technical and financial support in holding such an important event. He also expressed gratitude to all members of the Policy Hub for attending the first meeting of the policy hub. He then requested the team to develop a road map for the implementation of identified gaps including formulation of livestock development policy, strategy and improvement of veterinary legislation. Prof Dr. Osama Sleem, Chairman of General Organization of Veterinary Services presided over the ceremony and officially opened the Policy Hub meeting. The opening ceremony was chaired by Dr. Faroul El-dswky chairman of policy hub.

The objectives of the meeting were:

  • To bring the members of the livestock policy hub together and facilitate their acquaintance with the VET-GOV programme,
  • To get feedback on their terms of reference and on draft the national action plan,
  • To discuss the draft Livestock Development Strategic Plan,
  • To develop implementation road map of the identified livestock development gaps.

Launching of the Policy Hub in Democratic Republic of Congo

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© 2014 AU-IBAR. Opening ceremony: Honoré N’Lemba Mabela (left), Excellency Minister Chrisostome Vahamwiti (centre) and Hiver Boussini (right) during the opening ceremony at Hotel Venus.© 2014 AU-IBAR. Opening ceremony: Honoré N’Lemba Mabela (left), Excellency Minister Chrisostome Vahamwiti (centre) and Hiver Boussini (right) during the opening ceremony at Hotel Venus.Hotel Venus 2-3 April 2014, Kinshasa, DRC. Within the framework of "Reinforcing Veterinary Governance in Africa" (VETGOV) programme, the Democratic Republic of Congo has launched its livestock policy Hub which will serve to develop and enhance livestock policies and strategies in DRC.

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development with his entire cabinet attended the opening and closing ceremonies in the presence of Dr. Hiver Boussini, Animal Health Officer, representing AU-IBAR at the event. Honorable Chrisostome Vahamwiti, Minister of Agriculture and Rural development, in his opening remarks, welcomed the participants and emphasized the importance of livestock in DRC. He however echoed that DRC is a net importer of animal protein despite the sector's potential. Several initiatives were evoked including the current vaccination campaign against PPR, Anthrax, and CBPP where the Government has allocated 1.5 million USD.

The Minister underscored the importance of good policy to boost livestock development in DRC. He highlighted the need for the policy hub to operate on the principles of holistic participation and inclusiveness. He thanked The African Union Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) for the initiatives and support to set up and operationalize such a platform through VETGOV program. He also expressed grateful appreciations to AU-IBAR for the relentless support to DRC through various projects and programs.