Whistleblowing System

Introducing the AU-IBAR Whistleblowing System

What is whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing is the process of notifying on incidents or suspected incidents of fraud, corruption or malpractice on AU-IBAR funded activities and operations by contacting the AU-IBAR Office either anonymously or openly through the established and confidential system.

Notification of incidents on fraud, corruption and malpractice may come from AU-IBAR staff, grantees and their staff or other external parties.

Which issues can be addressed through the AU-IBAR Whistleblowing System?

The AU-IBAR Whistleblowing System is for reporting wrongdoing that can impede the delivery of results by AU-IBAR as an institution, and all the funded projects or programs in achieving stated objectives. Issues may include but are not limited to misuse of AU-IBAR grant proceeds, falsifying documentation and signatures, personal use of project/program assets, manipulating tender/order and splitting to avoid tendering, accepting late tenders, collusion with suppliers and processes to achieve desired results, manipulating selection processes for staff appointments.

How to report such issues?

AU-IBAR has a secured e-mail to receive whistle blower complaints. E-mail :  whistle.blowing@au-ibar.org

This email address is being protected from spambots.