The Africa Public-Private Partnerships Forum in the Veterinary Domain (AF3P)

Thu, 11-04-2024 15:00:00

The African Union's Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) and the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) announce a groundbreaking initiative: The Africa Public-Private Partnerships Forum in the Veterinary Domain (AF3P). This innovative forum represents a collaborative effort to revolutionize veterinary care, animal health, and welfare systems across the continent.

Why AF3P?
Africa's livestock sector is not only a cornerstone of food security and nutrition but also a key driver of economic growth and sustainability. However, challenges in animal health management, disease control, and veterinary service delivery persist. The AF3P initiative embodies our commitment to overcoming these challenges through collaboration, innovation, and shared expertise.

Africa's veterinary domain faces unique challenges, including infectious diseases, limited access to quality veterinary services, and emerging zoonotic threats. Addressing these challenges requires an unprecedented level of collaboration and innovation—a synergy of public and private sector efforts. AF3P aims to create a continental platform for this purpose, fostering dialogue, sharing innovative solutions, and promoting sustainable practices.

The Orientation Meeting: Laying the Groundwork
On 4 April 2024, at the AU-IBAR offices in Nairobi, Kenya, we held our first orientation meeting. This hybrid event saw robust participation from stakeholders across the continent, signaling a strong collective will to drive positive change in the veterinary domain. Representatives from ECCAS, ECOWAS, IGAD, SADC, and various organizations including GALVmed, ILRI, STDF, WTO and LVIF participated in discussions to align objectives, finalize governance structures, and explore sustainability avenues.

Key Highlights from the Orientation Meeting:
-    Broad Participation: Representation from ECCAS, ECOWAS, IGAD, SADC, and several key organizations such as GALVmed, ILRI, LVIF, and more.
-    Unified Vision: Discussion on the essential roles and contributions of each stakeholder in building a robust veterinary sector through PPPs.
-    Operational Framework: Initiatives to finalize a cohesive structure for the forum that promotes sustainable and effective partnerships.
-    Future Roadmap: Setting significant deadlines, with the ultimate goal being the forum's launch on 28 November 2024, during the continental conference on veterinary workforce development in Nairobi.
Key Objectives Achieved:
-    Stakeholder Engagement: We provided a platform for stakeholders to articulate their expectations from AF3P and to align our collective objectives.
-    Framework Finalization: Discussions centered around finalizing the operational framework, governance structure, and participation guidelines for AF3P.
-    Sustainability Planning: We explored avenues to ensure the initiative's long-term sustainability, identifying potential challenges and strategizing solutions.

Call to Action: Join Us
•    To Private Sector Stakeholders: The AF3P offers an unparalleled opportunity to be at the forefront of shaping the veterinary domain in Africa. Your expertise, resources, and innovations are critical to the success of AF3P. This forum offers a unique opportunity to engage with public sector partners, contribute to sustainable veterinary care solutions, and explore new business avenues within a supportive ecosystem.
•    To Public Sector Organizations: Engaging in the AF3P enables you to leverage the dynamism and efficiencies of the private sector.  Collaborate with private sector counterparts to enhance the reach and impact of your initiatives. AF3P provides a platform for sharing best practices, leveraging resources, and jointly tackling the veterinary domain's challenges.

Why Participate in AF3P?
-    Contribute in Policy and Practice: Leverage this platform to shape policies and practices that impact the veterinary domain across Africa.
-    Collaborate with Peers: Engage with a diverse network of stakeholders dedicated to enhancing animal health and welfare.
-    Drive Sustainable Change: Contribute to initiatives that promise not just immediate solutions but sustainable progress in veterinary services.

Upcoming Milestones
•    Continued Consultations: Ahead of the launch, we'll engage in consultations with industry associations and private sector stakeholders in Africa to refine our approach and ensure broad-based support.
•    28 November 2024: Official launch of AF3P at the "Towards a More Resilient Veterinary Workforce for Africa 2024" conference, Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi.

Get Involved
Are you a part of the private sector working in Africa, or do you represent a public sector organization? We need your insights, expertise, and partnership. AF3P represents a unique opportunity to shape the future of veterinary health and welfare across the continent. We invite you to join this continental effort to elevate the veterinary domain in Africa. Whether you're from the private or public sector, your contribution can lead to transformative outcomes for animal health, public safety, and economic development. 

Contact Us to Learn More
Interested in becoming a part of this continental initiative? Reach out to us at for more information on how to get involved.

The Road Ahead
With the foundation set and the vision clear, the journey towards a more resilient veterinary domain in Africa through public-private partnerships is just beginning. We invite you to be a part of this transformative initiative. Together, let's shape the future of animal health and welfare in Africa.