African Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Tool (AMERT) Training

From the 7th to the 9th of December 2016, AU-IBAR staff was trained on AMERT at AU-IBAR offices in Nairobi, Kenya. This training was facilitated by Mr Alem Mulushoa Jimma from the SPPERM Directorate in AUC, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The training was necessitated by the Result Based Approaches to M&E and will greatly facilitate Monitoring and Evaluation of projects and programmes at AU-IBAR and reporting mechanism to DREA. Certificates of participation were given to the following officers: Dr Abdelkhalik Montasser, Dr Anne Lewa, Mr Gueladio Thiam, Dr Osama Rajab, Dr Edward Nengomasha, Dr Mphumuzi Sukati, Dr N’guetta Bossa and Dr Mary Mbole-Kariuki.

On behalf of the Director of AU-IBAR ProfessorAhmed Elsawalhy, Dr Baboucarr Jaw thanked the AUC for the training and further thanked Mr Mr Alem Mulushoa Jimma for this excellent facilitation. He also noted the importance of the tool in evidence based programme delivery and mentioned that resources allowing, such training should be on a continuous basis. He further thanked all participants and that they should impart their new acquired skills to empower other officers who could not attend.