AU-IBAR Improved Capacity of Personnel from IGAD Region on Laboratory Diagnostic Techniques

Laboratory technicians from the eight IGAD Member States have received training on laboratory methods and techniques for the diagnosis of the major trans-boundary animal diseases (TADs) in the IGAD Region.

In the training programme, organised by AU-IBAR under the STSD Project in Cairo, Egypt, from 15th to 20th August, 2015, 23 animal health personnel drawn from diagnostic laboratories of Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda have taken part. Experienced laboratory specialists of Animal Health Research Institute (AHRI) of Egypt, which is one of the leading animal health research and diagnostic centers in Africa that can offer quality training on diagnostic techniques, have given the training.

In their six-day stay, participants acquired the practical techniques that can be applied to diagnose FMD, RVF, PPR and CBPP, as well as on quality assurance standards of laboratories and procedures. They also obtained knowledge on the diagnostic methods and procedures, with special emphasis on ELISA techniques and on how to standardise and harmonise the diagnostic methods being used in the Region.

Expressing his gratitude to the Government of Egypt and AHRI, Professor Ahmed Elsawalhy, Director of AU-IBAR, conveyed his confidence that the program would enhance the capacity of IGAD Member States on laboratory diagnostic techniques on priority diseases, which the Region found critical. Professor Dr. Mohamed Galal Aggour, Director of AHRI, on his part, has also indicated that training program was timely and would give opportunity to the experts from IGAD Region to deal with priority diseases, which are also a prime target for Egypt.